Here's a thought: Maybe the reason homo sapiens hates and fears homo superior is because they're always messing the spacetime continuum. Because, man, the X-Men sure do a whole lot of alternate reality time travel. How much? Take a look.

Just in time for this weekend's premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Derrick Sanskrit over at The A.V. Club digs deep into the longboxes and plots out the bigger storylines where Marvel's merry mutants have bounced back and forth in time.

The infographics also tell you which characters die in branching timelines and who went back to mess with their younger selves.


It's worth reading for the alt-reality headcount alone—111 versions of Iceman across the Marvel multiverse—so head over and read the whole thing at The A.V. Club. 128 Jean Greys… seems like there'd be more, right?