All The Cool Pokémon Tournaments Are Using X & Y Now

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You might as well just throw away your copy of Pokémon Black or White 2 — they won't get you anywhere in life. The Pokémon Video Game and Trading Card Game Winter Regional Championships are upon us, and they're strictly X & Y.

The series of competitive events marks the first time the next generation of Nintendo's critter catching RPG is being used in an official Pokémon competition. The 3DS game's sharp 3D graphics and keen special effects should make the battles much more interesting to watch.

Or you could compete, sure. Just hit up one of the five upcoming events with your own 3DS or 2DS and a copy of Pokémon X & Y (or a legal Pokémon Trading Card Game deck).

  • Doswell, VA - January 11th-12th - (TCG both days, Video Game Jan. 12th only)
  • Long Beach, CA - January 18th-19th - (TCG both days, Video Game Jan. 19th only)
  • Salem, OR - January 18th-19th - (TCG both days, Video Game Jan. 19th only)
  • St. Charles, MO - January 18th-19th - (TCG both days, Video Game Jan. 18th only)
  • Orlando, FL - January 25th-26th - (TCG both days, Video Game Jan. 26th only)

Winners will walk away with booster packs, trophies, and traveling stipends, which I don't actually understand and are probably better explained on the official website.

Just don't show up with any of that weak Pokémon Black or White 2 sauce.

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Sandrockcstm Gaming

I was always confused by how quickly they released Black and White 2. I was planning on playing B/W1, and was then discouraged from doing so when they released the sequel, what, a year later? And why the heck did they choose Black and White to do a numbered sequel, when every other game in the series was its own set of colors/jewels? I just never understood it.

Pokemon Y is on my shortlist of games to buy next for my 3DS, so I'll probably get into the craze sooner or later. But I can't help but feel like there was a lot of wasted potential with B/W.