Square Enix has been looking at the future, and that future is either stuff from China that's cheap and is played online, or on Facebook. Expect all future Square Enix games to incorporate at least some of those aspects.

In an interview with Forbes, Square Enix boss Yoichi "Imperial Hot" Wada says that from here on in, every single game the company develops will incorporate "some element of multiplayer or social gaming". Even the traditionally singleplayer ones. Which would include the core Final Fantasy series.

To do this, Square Enix will embark on a slight restructure. "Frankly, the people who excelled at creating game software about 10 years ago are really not good at making multiplayer games. We are striving to change the old culture, and as a part of such effort we are trying to bring in fresh blood."

Hopefully, at least as far as Square's role-playing series go, restraint is exercised, and this just means they'll bolt some Facebook compatibility into their achievements/trophies.


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