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You know Bayonetta. She's the star of Bayonetta. Funny how that works! We've already discussed about the making of her butt, let's talk about her. She has an interesting, expressive fact. Thank Platinum Games facial animator Masanori Takashima for that.


"The first thing that I set out to do was to get the right feeling for the tenderness of her mouth," blogs Takashima. "For instance, the instant she opens her mouth, there should be a sense of adhesion as the center of her gloss covered lips part and open. Or when she talks, it is important to express the smoothness of the movements of her lips. All of these things needed to be integrated into a facial controller...


"To get across the idea of seductiveness, I paid particular attention to lines of sight. For the well-experience Bayonetta, she should be able to easily kill a man with her eyes alone. She could look one over from the tips of their toes to the top of their head, or maybe throw in a flirtatious sideways glace, or shoot a look with upturned eyes. She is a woman with an incredible amount of sassy."

Check through the link below to see the facial controller in action.

The Face of Bayonetta [Platinum Games]

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