Alienware Laying Off Employees

Times, they are tough. And Dell, owners of PC gaming enthusiast brand Alienware, are no exception, with tech site ExtremeTech reporting that an undisclosed number of Alienware employees are facing the sack.

Citing an internal memo they obtained from an Alienware employee, it's said that the group will be closing both of its dedicated manufacturing plants (in Miami and Ireland), with production to be shifted to parent company Dell's factories. These closures will be accompanied by layoffs, though Alienware - while confirming the closures - refuse to put a number on how many will be affected.


Since it's two entire facilities being closed down, it's probably "a lot".

Strangely, the move comes at the exact same time the company plans to expand its operations, with Alienware gaming computers expected to be released in 29 new markets across 17 new languages in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America over the next 12 months.

Alienware Plans Worldwide Expansion; Layoffs, Too [ExtremeTech, via Big Download]

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