Aliens Vs. Predator Impressions: Petting A Human Head

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There are a lot of things I can say about Rebellion's return to the beloved Aliens vs. Predator franchise, most of them good, but know this first: You can pull the head off of humans and, spine still attached, stroke their faces.


The kill move, one of what will be many, for the Predator is the sort of thing you'd expect to come from a development team returning to a franchise they kicked off ten years earlier.

In Aliens Vs. Predator you can play as any of the three groups trapped on an alien planet. What I witnessed was the Predator's perspective as he took out a squad of humans and then dealt with an alien swarm.

The Predator is the ultimate guerrilla warrior and comes equipped with three vision modes, the ability to go invisible, and a few vicious weapons: a Krull-like glaive, a plasma caster, proximity mines and savage-looking wrist blades.

The best part about playing the Predator, it seems, is how he can zip through the scenery so monkey-like. Pulling the left trigger shows you where the Predator can leap, allowing you to bound over enemies from tree to tree. It's a pretty cool looking effect.

My favorite attack used the claws. Delivered correctly, a blow from the claws puts you in that head-petting kill scene. I'm told the developers are planning on incorporating a number of different kill moves for the Predator, though that's the only one I saw.

The claw attack did make the camera go a little crazy when delivered, but the developers said that was a known issue and that they would be working on it.


The single player campaign, I was told, will stretch out over all three types, with six or so missions each for humans, the Predator and the Aliens. And I can't wait.


I loved the first AvP game on PC.

And also, regarding the Predator's weapons, no spear or netgun?!?! Those were my favorites!