Battle: Los Angeles is an upcoming movie from Sony, directed by Jonathan Liebesman and starring Aaron "Two-Face" Eckhart. By the director's reckoning, it's just like a video game.

The film, about an alien invasion of Earth, is focused on - surprise surprise - the battle for Los Angeles, and some parts of the shooting, mayhem and "destruction of Los Angeles on a massive scale" are presented from a first-person perspective. Just like the recent Cloverfield, yes, but also just like a video game.


"When I saw 40 minutes of this the other day, I literally grabbed my hands like an Xbox," says another of the film's stars, Michelle Rodriguez. "It's really like a first-person shooter game."

It's a feeling that's intentional, director Liebesman adding that first-person shooters were a big inspiration on the film, and that "It feels like Modern Warfare or Halo".

Hopefully they just mean with regards to the perspective and the action, and the movie won't be almost entirely brown and feature aliens trying to put their balls in everyone's mouth.


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