Alien DLC Crash Lands In Darkest Dungeon

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Darkest Dungeon, a depression + anxiety simulation platform, is getting some new DLC next year called The Colour Of Madness.


Here’s the story pitch:

Some hateful shard of alien origin has streaked through the night sky, crashing into the old Miller’s farm on the outskirts of the Hamlet! Those unfortunate enough to witness the Comet’s arrival have been blinded by what they can only describe as a shifting, ephemeral hue of damnably abrasive intensity. There has been no word from the farm in a fortnight, save for the unearthly groaning that echoes from the ruin of the mill…


In short: the alien comet has turned folks into zombies, and the new DLC will introduce some new stuff to accomodate this. There’ll be a horde mode where your crew can settle in and see how long you can survive against “unending waves of enemies” (both “new and old), the zombies will make up a new faction and there’ll be new trinkets to buy as well.

It’ll be out in Spring 2018. And shout out to Red Hook accurately labelling their game “the very best in all-consuming misery and morbidity”.

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It’s Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space.

Pretty much every portion of Darkest Dungeon has a heavy Lovecraftian hook in it. This will be less sci-fi than it will be a continuation of Lovecraft’s use of “a horror from beyond the stars.”

Remember, even High Priest Cthulhu (who is not a god, damn it all; he’s just a priest of the old ones) came from beyond the stars. Everything that comes up in the Lovecraft mythos is, in many ways, not of this earth—or at least has slipped into it from a portal to alternate dimensional pathways.

-A Lit Nerd Who is Super Hyped for this Shit