Akira Fans Create Incredible Animated Tribute

Artists Ash Thorp and Zaoeyo, big fans of Akira, have made this minute-long trailer that’s basically a tribute to the animated classic. Though you could also say it’s an impressive pitch for a modern remake as well.

In a 2017 interview with Forbes, Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo said:

While I haven’t seen the new live-action Ghost in the Shell, when it comes to Akira I have already finished the original manga and my own anime version too. So in that sense, I am basically done with Akira. If someone wants to do something new with Akira then I am mostly okay with that.


And so here we are. Unlike the nightmarish prospect of a live-action movie, though, this clip—called Akira Awaken—is strictly traditional, mostly opting to take shots and images from the 1988 anime film and redo them with a modern touch.

You can watch the clip below, but you should also head over to the project’s site, which contains technical breakdowns, as well as comparisons between the new shots and their inspiration.

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