Akihabara Will Look Different After This Arcade Closes [Update]

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Image: Sega
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The Sega Akihabara 2nd arcade, which was formerly known as Akihabara Gigo, is closing at the end of the month because 2020 sucks.


The arcade, a two-minute walk from Akihabara Station, is famous for its Sega-emblazoned escalators and is an area landmark.

The official notice states that the arcade’s last day of operation is August 30 and thanks customers for their patronage.

An official reason why the arcade is closing is not given on the notice, but as Excite points out, the arcade did temporarily shutter when Japan declared a state of emergency due to covid. It reopened on June 12.

To be honest, Sega Akihabara 2nd may not have even been the best Sega arcade in Akihabara, but it’s one with a 17-year history and a truly striking exterior whose loss will change the neighborhood’s visual landscape. Online, people have been sharing their memories. This arcade will sorely be missed.

Update August 31, 6:00 AM: Below are photos of the arcade on the day it closed, where fans gathered and clapped. Staff bowed, offering their thanks.


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Man that really sucks. That building is for sure like a part of Akihabara’s gateway; it’s torii, not to be culturally insensitive. When you stand across the street Big Apple pachinko is to the South and to the North Akky and Gamers. Immediately behind you is Edon. The whole scene is just the epitome of otaku.

I have been wondering how some of the resellers are going to fare in Akiba. Many of the shops there like Liberty resell various goods won from the Sega and Taito arcades. They have to be hurting too, considering they’re even more spread out among Akiba than Sega and Taito themselves. The video game stores resellers I’m guessing should be fine, but those smaller specialty shops have to be hurting.