Akihabara DSi Pre-Orders TBA

Just yesterday Nintendo announced its latest DS iteration, the DSi. And today, the DSi pre-order fliers are popping up at the Sofmap in Akihabara. Says the flier:

Pressing announcement! On November 11th, the new model is finally arriving! New DS Nintendo DSi Price ¥18,900 At last, the new model has finally been arrived!! The screen is lighter and a little bigger, and there's even an embedded camera! A SD card slot! These modifications seem fun!


Oh goody! Thing is, the Sofmap flier goes on to put the pre-order date as TBA. 「緊急発表!ニンテンドーDSi」 予約は未定 [Akiba Blog]

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Thats really gotta help the sales of the DS Lites sat below it!