Aion's Closed Beta Closes This Weekend

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This weekend marks the very last closed beta session for NCsoft's Aion, so if you were looking to give the game a try before the open beta flood, now would be the time.


Players who preorder Aion receive a code good for access to all closed beta events leading up to the open beta and the game's eventual launch. That means that preorders come with a code good for this weekend, and if you really want to participate, I'd suggest grabbing a code today and getting the download started.

With the game launching on September 22nd, that doesn't leave much time for an open beta. NCsoft will be showing off the 1.5 update for the game at Gamescom in Germany next week, and odds are that's when they'll let us know when they're opening up Aion to the unwashed masses.

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Blue Wizard 422

I don't want to start a crazy rush here or anything, but I have two codes for this beta. If you want one for use in the beta, let me know. My computer doesn't meet the requirements for this game, so the codes are up for grabs!