Aion Bans Many, Many, Many Players

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When NCSoft swing the hammer, they do so with gleeful abandon: earlier today, as Aion's servers came back to life after an unscheduled reboot, over 16,000 players found themselves banned from the popular MMO.

And that's not even 16,000 globally. It's just from the game's American and European servers. Causes for the bannings range from the use of bots to gold farming to spamming advertisements to other players. NCSoft's Community Manager, Andrew Beegle, says "We are taking a very hard stance on this issue", and if anyone tries to cry "innocent", adds they "have sophisticated processes and procedures in place that help us keep unwarranted banning to a minimum".

Oh, if only the internet let us see literal rivers of blood.

Massive Ban Across All NA/EU Servers [Aion]

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Yeah, what's with spammers in MMO's? Does it work? I started playing CoH again, and my e-mail box was full of spam from random players. How am I going to be at all moved to respond to spam in my video game?

And what the heck is wrong with farming? (bots I understand, but isn't farming part and parcel of the mmo experience...?)