Aion Banhammer: Behind the Rabbit? It IS The Rabbit

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Wielding the banhammer on Xbox Live and other static virtual communities (like this little blog here) can be a strangely disconnected experience. One second you're here, the next you've vanished. Not so in Aion: Tower of Eternity.


In that game, you know when you've been banhammered because a giant freaking rabbit shows up or a flaming squirrel materializes and then blasts you into a volcanic fissure. It's pretty dramatic.

My big question is why banhammer videos are always set to alternative rock or whiny club music. Why not do it like this one with the tasteful classical music?


AJ Glasser

Note to those who object to my use of the label "classical music" — classical music is determined by style, not by how old the piece of music is. Ergo, I stand by calling Emilie Autumn's work tasteful classical music.