Sometimes Nintendo's weekly downloadable content offerings grant me a broad selection of game-infused paints with which to decorate the canvas of this post. And then there's weeks like these that don't even give me enough to keep a painting metaphor going.

I could try to get excited about Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, if you'd like? Hey look, it's Mai. She's pretty.


Hey look, it's that 6 Golden Coins Mario game! That's like the new game for the 3DS, only with a lot fewer golden coins! No? There's a video of the new game, that's neat, right?

LEGO Olympic recreations? You've already seen them on YouTube? Damn.

Well, the good news is that generally it's the weeks I feel are the most boring that house the hidden gems, so maybe you'll want to take a look at that Commando game, just in case.


Otherwise, here's a list.



Commando: Steel Disaster
Platform: DSi / 3DS
Price: 800 Points / $7.99

Commando: Steel Disaster is a shooting game based on a futuristic military theme. Various sectors of a military group report being attacked by some of their own war machines and that a terrorist organization led by a man named Rattlesnake is at the center of each attack. A commando and vehicle specialist code-named Storm is assigned to enter each affected area and progressively stop Rattlesnake's ambitions.


Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Platform: Wii
Price: 900 Points

Originally released in 1997, this fighting game is the sixth installment in the Fatal Fury series. With a system based on previous games in the series, the game introduced a more evolved two-line battle, improved the power gauge system and abolished the ring out system. These and other changes allow for greater strategic diversity. In addition to the 15 characters featured in previous games (Excluding Geese), this game includes Tung Fu Rue, Cheng Sinzan, Laurence Blood and Wolfgang Krauser for a roster of 19 characters, all truly suited to the name Special. They'll duke it out here to see who will come out on top as the strongest.


Touch Battle Tank 3D
Platform: 3DS
Price: $4.99

Only one way to win, Out-gun ‘Em All! In Touch Battle Tank 3D, it's you on a solo mission against a nearly unstoppable army of killer tanks. Your strategy – keep the action going and the shells flying! Command either a powerfully armored engine of destruction or a light, agile hit-and-run variety of menacing machines capable of unleashing incredible firepower! The pick up and play ease allows you to use the Circle Pad to pilot your 3D tank and the Touch Screen to take aim in red-hot combat action! Skillfully charge through the multiple battle stages as you face increasing weaponry and constant bombardment. The enemies just keep getting bigger and more determined to crush you. Show them all that when the dust settles, you will be victorious and own the medals to prove it!

A month of Mario


Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Platform: 3DS
Price: $3.99 $2.99

Temper-tantrum tyrant seizes Mario Land! In his greatest Game Boy adventure, Mario faces off against his evil rival Wario™, who has captured Mario Land and turned it into his private playground. To toss Wario off his ill-gotten throne, Mario must search new worlds for the six golden coins that unlock the gate to Mario's castle. A mob of monsters, old and new, seek to stop him. Along the way, through six zones, Mario can nab Power Mushrooms, Super Stars and Fire Flowers for extra power. And if he eats the Magic Carrot, he'll turn into a high-flying hare!



New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Warp Cannon Course Video
To give players a special look at some of the courses in New Super Mario Bros. 2, a series of videos are being released in the Nintendo eShop. The second video highlighting one of the Warp Cannon courses is now available. When Mario gets blasted from a huge cannon in this special course, he sprints automatically toward the goal. In order to succeed, all players need to do is jump. Sounds easy, right? (For Nintendo 3DS)

LEGO 3D Sports Highlights
Don't miss the pageantry and passion of this summer's biggest sporting events in stop-motion 3D. Nintendo Video is delivering highlight after highlight, so tune in to catch your favorite events.