I’ve been having a blast roleplaying as a slick assassin in the new Hitman. I’m especially looking forward to playing the new Escalations this weekend. But Agent 47's elegance will never compare to that found in the wild.

Subreddit /r/hitmanimals is full of nature’s own assassins putting the best of 47's moves to shame. These guys are learning the patience to carefully track their target:

uploaded by redditor nullSword

This praying mantis knows how to make it look like the target fell off that balcony on their own:

uploaded by redditor Vicfuente5

This cat took a page from JC Denton and found the secret entrance:

uploaded by redditor Corgi_with_an_AK

This dog’s attempt to poison the target went somewhat awry:

uploaded by redditor greenfly

And these cats have all mastered the element of surprise:

uploaded by redditor elvendude

Check out the whole sub for some Hitman inspiration.

top image uploaded by redditor N8theGr8

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