Age Of Conan's Godslayer Has Risen

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Funcom's Age of Conan triumphantly returns to store shelves two years after its debut, as the Rise of the Godslayer expansion pack goes live.

Rise of the Godslayer, the first full expansion pack for Age of Conan since the game's May 2008 release, introduces a new playable race and the new Oriental-themed lands of new lands of Khitai. Developer Funcom has used the occasion of the expansion pack's release to introduce several all new game elements as well, including emote-driven monster encounters and a faction system.

The expansion pack is now available as a digital download from the game's official website, or as a retail package combining the expansion with the original game, so new players can get in on the ground floor of this exciting new era in Age of Conan history.

"We are very excited about seeing 'Age of Conan' back on the shelves in retail as a renewed and revitalized experience comprised of both the original game and the expansion, exactly two years after the launch of the original game in May 2008," says Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. "We feel very confident about the level of quality offered in this expansion, and the initial reactions from press and players so far only serve to confirm our confidence in the game."


So who's going back in?

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I saw a video and for me if the core gameplay mechanics still don't appeal, I see no reason to waste my money.