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Against A Giant Cat, No Amount Of Combos Can Save You

Illustration for article titled Against A Giant Cat, No Amount Of Combos Can Save You

When someone says "it's a game of cat and mouse", this isn't what they're talking about. Though it probably should be.


This clip, by Marcus Blättermann and Susanne Wohlfahrt, is the Street Fighter of the animal kingdom. And in the animal kingdom, the term "balanced roster" doesn't really apply.

[Creature Combat IV, thanks Phil!]

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The idea is nice, the animation is awesome, the art style is superb. However, they really overdid it, and ruined the punchline by making it long and easily predictable.

If it was just a 10 second clip, with the mouse trying a few punches and kicks on the cat, followed by the cat immediately killing it, it would've been hilarious.

As it is, it's only a show of skills regarding the animation and the art style, but it's not funny at all, because anyone can see the ending coming from a mile away.