Dwarf Fortress is, even with mods helping it out, one of the ugliest video games on the planet. It's also one of the most rewarding for those who crack its tough exterior, leading to the kind of heroic exploits and emergent gameplay most titles can only dream about.


One tale in particular, though, stands out. It's Matul Remrit, a story that's been running since 2010, chronicling the adventures of a group of dwarves in the game, who "struggle to build their new home amidst strife, internal politics, and a scourge of elf attacks."

We've featured it before, a few years back, but its creators rang the bell yesterday to let us know it was done, an epic six-part finale wrapping up the story with more of the customary part-animated, part-gameplay clips that the tale has made use of.


It's long reading, but in terms of seeing the lengths some people can go to to re-tell their gaming stories, also a great one.

Matul Remrit [Official Site]

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