After Watching the Diabolical Pitch Trailer, I Want A Hit of Whatever Suda 51 is Smoking

Diabolical Pitch, if you haven't been keeping up, is the horror baseball game for Kinect conceived by the oddballs at Grasshopper Manufacture. Kotaku saw it at Tokyo Game Show last week, but here's your first official trailer for the most curious Kinect game.

As you can see, you and a friend can battle hordes of mascot monstrosities at an evil carnival by throwing super-powered baseballs at them. And your arm can become a cannon. And you and your relief pitcher can do some double kamehameha shit if things start to go south.


For our hands-on impressions of the game, read Luke's preview of Diabolical Pitch.

Diabolical Pitch is expected to hit Xbox Live Arcade for Kinect next year.

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Honestly, that looks like one of the worst games I have ever seen. What a terrible concept, even by Japan's standards.

I have always wondered why major Japanese developers are saying that Japanese gaming is falling behind and Japanese developers are out of touch, but then I see a game like this and I know exactly why.