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After Skyrim, Macho Man Randy Savage Conquers Fallout 4

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

And you thought normal Deathclaws were dangerous.

This Fallout 4 mod, a collaboration between the creator of that infamous Skyrim mod, Fancypants, and fellow modder AronaxAE, turns the Commonwealth’s Deathclaws into Macho Claws, to a hilarious and/or terrifying effect.

In practice, it’s Macho Dragons for Fallout 4, with a reskinned Deathclaw model and the familiar sound bytes. A new mod for a new age, or something along those lines.


If you think that’s something your FO4 installation needs, like, right now, then head over here for the download & instructions. Otherwise, you might get a kick out of just this video:

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