After Ratings Problem, Golf Game Returns To Switch, Minus The Sexy Demon Art

The original poster, to the left side of the bed. You’ve got to look pretty close to catch it.

In early August, Zen Studios’ latest game, Infinite Minigolf, was removed from the Nintendo Switch eShop following a sudden shift in the game’s rating from E for Everyone to T for Teen. The racy artwork responsible for the shift is now gone, and the game is finally back up for sale.

Zen Studios never specified which piece of art caused the Entertainment Software Review Board (ESRB) to change its initial rating, leading to Nintendo pulling the game from its digital marketplace, but we had our suspicions. In the original release of the game there is a poster next to the bed in the Giant Home level depicting a massive demon with naked female characters congregating about his crotch.


The new version, which according to Zen Studios’ VP of publishing Mel Kirk has been in limbo for far longer than anticipated, replaces the offending image with a poster featuring an abstract swirl, as seen in the image at the top of this post.

The new poster, to the left of the bed’s headboard, replaces the nudity-laden demon poster that caused the game to get pulled.

“I would like to thank Nintendo Switch players in North America for their patience,” said Kirk in a statement to Kotaku, also thanking the ESRB for being vigilant and dedicated to their mission.

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