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During a podcast chit-chat with PC Gaming Now, Telltale's Dave Grossman has revealed that, once his team is done with Tales of Monkey Island, another classic Lucasarts game might be ripe for the remake/sequel treatment.


"The one I always think about these days is Loom actually", Grossman says, "and how ahead of its time it was".

"I think the problem with it at the time was that it was only two and a half hours long and now I find myself deliberately trying to design games that are only two and a half hours long. So I think… well, why not do that?"

No reason we can see, Dave. Loom's been largely forgotten about for a while now, but in a world that thinks Nintendo invented the musical instrument as a means of solving puzzles, now's as good a time as ever for the game to make a comeback.

So long as the remake is purple. All I remember about the game (I haven't played it in over 10 years) are music, hoods and the colour purple. It was everywhere.


Something Loom-ing at Telltale? [Total PC Gaming]

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