After Leaks And A Tweet From Epic, Fortnite Players Are Still Waiting For Drivable Cars

Screenshot: Epic/YouTube

Fortnite players have been looking forward to drivable vehicles since they were teased at the start of Season 3. Rumors suggested we’d see them this week, but development studio Epic has now said it will be a few more weeks before they’ll appear. Players are speculating what that will mean for the rest of Season 3’s timeline.

The biggest change to Fortnite’s map for Season 3 was that most of it is covered in water. That water has been receding over the past few weeks, uncovering land perfect for driving those cars and trucks we saw in the battle pass trailer. Dataminers and recent leaked challenges related to gassing up cars suggested we’d see vehicles this week. Players also noticed breakable cars have been removed from the map, leading to more expectation of drivable cars appearing. But there’s no sign of them yet. Yesterday, Epic tweeted a message in the persona of in-game insurance company No Sweat saying that “many vehicles got taken for inspection. Expect a few weeks until we’re road ready.”


This might be a subtle way of announcing a delay, or merely a response to the speculation. “A few weeks” would put the arrival of cars awfully close to the end of the season, currently projected for August 27, which seems like an odd time to massively shake things up. This has led many players to speculate that Season 3 will be extended, as has happened with the first two seasons of Chapter 2.

On the Fortnite subreddit, some players are expressing frustration, while others are understanding, since, in the words of one commenter, “There’s a global pandemic going on if you haven’t realised.” Other players are debating whether the tweet refers to real-world weeks or in-game weeks, since the tweet came from the perspective of in-game characters. After months staring at my own walls, I definitely get the eagerness for something new. In the absence of cars in Fortnite, picking apart the concept of time itself definitely scratches that itch for me.

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