After Gaming For 20 Hours, Man Could Not Walk

Images: Pear
Images: Pear

A man in Zhejiang Province, China had to be carried out of a net cafe after losing feeling in his legs following a marathon gaming session.

According to QQ (via Newsweek), the man didn’t take a break during a reported twenty-hour gaming session. When he tried to get up to go the restroom, he discovered he was unable to move from the waist down.

“It seems he had lost sensation completely and couldn’t move at all,” a friend is quoted as saying (via Newsweek). “We had to call for an ambulance.”


In a video posted to Chinese video platform Pear, paramedics can be seen carrying away the man, who keeps saying he wants to finish his game.

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Gaming marathons are not worth it, people!

Even to twitch streamers doing challenges I say: Your audience doesn’t care for your body. At least stand up every 2-5 hours and walk for a few secounds.

I sometimes sit a whole lot of time in front of my monitor, but that time is always interrupted by changing laundry from the washing machine, clearing the dishwasher, answering the door, getting something from the kitchen etc. And after a long session I try to at least do something different for a change.