After Eight Years, Space Quest's Spiritual Reboot Is Playable

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Screenshot: SpaceVenture

Last week we had some bad news about a game that had a Kickstarter in 2012 and still isn’t out yet. Tonight, some better news!


Fans of classic Sierra series Space Quest might remember that in 2012 the co-creators of the series, after a very long estrangement, reunited and pledged to develop an all-new sci-fi adventure game.

That game is SpaceVenture, and after eight years of development those who backed the game at $30 or above are now getting the chance to play an early beta build of it.

It’s obviously not the final, finished product (as evidenced by stuff like the voice-over quality in the video below), but in terms of an eight-year wait it’s pretty close!

The plan is that following bug reports and user feedback updated builds can be shipped out to the same backers in fairly rapid succession. So hopefully the wait from “beta” to “finished” will be a lot shorter than “backing” to “beta”.

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So it’ll come out before Star Citizen does is what I’m getting.