After Diablo III's Set Items, Get Ready For... Set Dungeons

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Adventures in Diablo III didn’t end with patch 2.3. There’s a new, similarly large content patch coming soon with enough new things packed in to make it worth going back and gain a few more Paragon levels. One of the most exciting things will be a feature called set dungeons.


Bright green set items are essential to Diablo III. You collect all or a few pieces of a set and you get an extra set of bonus affixes. In patch 2.4 each set (there are quite a few in Diablo III) is getting its own dungeon, designed for the completed set the player’s wearing, so they can master the set’s bonus abilities.

We want to give players the opportunity to learn and master their sets inside and out. To do this, we’re introducing an entirely new set of challenges in the form of Set Dungeons. Once you complete and don the full six pieces of any given class set, you’ll receive a clue to track down an ancient dungeon designed just for you and your set.

These completely static dungeons are not randomized, and it’s up to you to decide how to best utilize your powers to complete these challenges. Mastering a set dungeon comes with cosmetic rewards unique to each set, but the truly dedicated can earn even more exclusive rewards by mastering all the sets from one class or even all 24 of them!

Well... time to farm all the sets...

As mentioned earlier, patch 2.4 is a big one, so set dungeons aren’t the only new additions to the game. There’s a new zone called Greyhollow Island and two new expanded areas in Adventure Mode, The Eternal Woods and the Royal Quarters. The first one’s an undead-infested boreal forest, while the second is basically the Skeleton King’s living quarters. That sounds funny and weird enough.

Besides that we’ll also have new items, more stash space (good news!) and new rift mechanics. Be sure to check the official patch notes over here for everything.

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Diablo 3 nowadays is like that old friend you don’t always hang out with but as soon as you do get to hang out, things are still good and you have a great time just as you always did. (assuming you can forget that dark period pre loot 2.0 where he was messing around with the RMAH. We both remember it but we agree to not talk about things that are behind us.)