I know change in general can be immediately off-putting just by virtue of it being a change, but, Adventure Time as a 3D animation is... D:

Maybe itā€™s the loss of exaggerated eyeball motions and facial expressions, or the pronounced boyishness in Finn. Whatever it is, this rendition of season 2ā€™s episode, ā€œGo With Me,ā€ by YouTuber Mike Inel is well-done and weird as shit. Mike is planning on turning it into an Oculus Rift-supported ā€œgameā€ (his quotes) at some point in the future, too. So maybe itā€™ll be even weirder yet.

Hereā€™s a comparison to the original, as well as first-person perspective views from Marceline and Finn, which I imagine is what will be incorporated into the ā€œgameā€ mentioned earlier.

Weird, right?

(via reddit)

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