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Adventure Icon Jane Jensen Launches Gray Matter Blog

Illustration for article titled Adventure Icon Jane Jensen Launches Gray Matter Blog

Good news and bad news for fans of the good old adventure game genre. Gray Matter, the next adventure game by Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen, is being reworked by it's new developer Wizarbox and had to be pushed back as they reworked the infrastructure established by the previous one. The good news is, Jane herself is now keeping us updated on the game's progress via her very own blog. Simply called Jane's Blog, Jensen will use the blog to track the development status of Gray Matter and give fans a sneak peek at the game, such as this lovely piece of concept art, part of a batch posted on the blog today to commemorate the first post. Hit the link for more concept art to help soften the blow of the unfortunate delay. Jane's Gray Matter Blog [Official Website]


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Yeah this should be getting more eyeballs. I miss the days of Adventure gaming, they were all sort of like really well written interactive novels. I think games like Indigo Prophecy, Psychonauts, and to some extent the Bioware games are sort of all we have left from that era. Entries like Dreamfall: The Longest Journey are few and far between. I hope that Jane Jensen gets some great marketing to get this one before a lot of people's eyes.