Can an Oculus Rift Game Make You 'Genuinely Horny?' They're Gonna Try.

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Somehow, porn managed not to be the first thing folks started putting on the Oculus Rift when the VR simulator headset started going out to developers. Well, wait no longer. Someone is building "the world's first erotic virtual reality adventure game" for it.


Jeroen Van den Bosch and his startup studio are building a game called Wicked Paradise, and they're not using Kickstarter to fund it. Van den Bosch and his team believe they have identified an unfulfilled need in the video gaming industry—that would be good porn games or, hell, anything remotely decent.

"We have hundreds of beautifully crafted shooter games but not a single well designed erotic video game," Van den Bosch, whose past development credits include Backbreaker's mobile version told Road to VR. Van den Bosch said other attempts were "ridiculously bad," with models that "move like rusty robots with faulty servos." The power of the Oculus Rift will help him build something vastly better than that unerotic tripe.

"The non-explicit sex scenes in Mass Effect are much more erotic than current available explicit adult video games," he reasoned. "This is because you care about the characters in Mass Effect. A player will never feel very attracted to a virtual character if he or she doesn’t care. I believe that virtual reality is the perfect medium for an erotic video game because you can make the player feel really connected to your computer characters."

Wicked Paradise will begin as a male heterosexual fantasy game, though Van den Bosch hopes to serve later games that appeal to all genders and sexualities.

"One of the biggest questions I had before we started on this journey was: 'Can a virtual woman inside a virtual world actually make you genuinely horny?'" Van Den Bosch said. The answer, he says, is yes. And why not. People get off to Internet porn (or so I am told), so neither technology nor virtual representations appear to be much of a barrier.

There's more to the interview at the link. While there are no nude pictures, the topic is NSFW, and there's a YouTube video with some racy material in it.


Exclusive: Sneak Peek and Interview — Wicked Paradise, The World’s First Erotic VR Game (video: NSFW) [Road to VR]


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"Adult" and "Dating Sim" games really need to go on the level of Japan in the west, they're not bad

seeing how that 4chan game (forgot what it is called) got so much popular , I see the west as an untapped potential for these types of games, there is so much the west can learn from the east, they should not always ignore them as "Meh too weird" or "too japanese" , the term "Too weird " is killing innovation, why limit yourself to reality when you can realize a fantasy be it "surreal" or "Weird" , games are a form of art so they should not be afraid to experiment.