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Streamer Who Broke Her Back At TwichCon Shares Injury Details, Recovery Video

Adriana Chechik was in surgery for over five hours

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Twitter

At TwitchCon last week, streamer Adriana Chechik broke her back in two places after jumping into a foam pit that appeared to be neither deep nor soft. She has since shared details and video of her injuries, and they are somehow even worse than first reported.

Writing on her Twitter account last week, Chechik said on October 12:

So surgery went well, 5 hrs 30 minutes! More fusions than expected, bones completely crushed & nerve damage to my bladder, hopefully I’ll be able to pee again in the near future...had some bleeding around the bone but overall doing good!

I’m a lot of pain but feeling hopeful and rdy to bring the heat to walk again! Anyone know where I can get my brace blinged and or a pink coating for it as I’ll be in it for a long time?


On October 13, she wrote:

Tried sitting up today in PT, I would rather die than do that again. I hate this my whole body hates it. I don’t want to be tough. I don’t want to be brave I cried for a hour and the pain is so immense through all the meds im on. Idk if I can do this. I can’t explain this pain.


A day later, she added:

For the ppl asking why did u jump. Don’t try and turn me into the bad guy. I am among all those who assumed it was met with proper safety precautions. It’s like getting into a car assuming the air bag will work and it doesn’t. I’m not at fault. None of the victims injured are.


And wrote on Instagram:

I got a sponge bath today and my hair washed. Not being able to move or do anything for myself is so difficult. I’m so thankful to the nursing staff. I never thought I would ever be immobile. These next few days are going to be extremely hard. Yesterday I sat up and then spent the rest of my day in hysterics and pain. The realization of how much pain you have to push through set in. Please pray that I’ll find strength to stand today. I’m gonna take it one day at a time and if I’m not rdy then I’m not rdy. But I’d love any encouragement or reading material to aid me on my journey. Thankyou to everyone who’s rooting for me!


Later that same day, she shared this video of a therapy session:


On October 15 she went in for a second surgery, before being released from hospital earlier today:


It’s important to remember that these horrific injuries, subsequent surgeries, and long road to recover ahead, were the result of a mishap that took place in a foam pit. At the time of the incident we reached out to Twitch (organisers of TwitchCon), Lenovo (sponsors of the foam pit) and Kairos Media (the creative agency actually running the booth), and a week later only Lenovo have publicly addressed the situation.

Chechik was also far from the only person injured at the event; other participants have shared their stories, which have included more back injuries and a dislocated knee: