Three and a half years ago, Stevie Kopas bought an uneccesary second copy of BioShock from GameStop as an excuse to talk to the guy behind the counter. This weekend that guy gave her a third copy, but what was inside was much better than a video game.

"Did you see the new game?" asked Kopas' boyfriend Justin Starnes, handing her a copy of something called BioShock: New Beginnings.

On the back of the case were photos of the happy couple together.


Inside the case she found a controller disgram of her life, covering everyting from working on her post-apocalyptic zombie novel series to a button dedicated to saying "fuck", which everyone needs.

I like that the Xbox Guide button is still the Xbox Guide button.

And on the back of the instruction booklet, a simple request, phrased in a way that no BioShock fan could resist.


Jusr in case the power of post-hypnotic suggestion fell through, there was also a little pouch inside the case, containing something shiny.


Two real and one fake copy of BioShock later, Stevie Kopas and Justin Starnes arrive at the happiest ending in franchise history, ready to embark on the next chapter of their epic saga.

"On August 15, 2014, Justin Starnes asked me, Stevie Kopas, to be his wife. I am the happiest gal in Rapture."