Activision To Tempt Actual Guitarists With Guitar Hero World Tour

Illustration for article titled Activision To Tempt Actual Guitarists With Guitar Hero World Tour

Activision has announced plans to target real musicians by installing full Guitar Hero World Tour set-ups in music shops. Actually, should that read 'targeting' or 'mildly insulting'? Very much depends on the type of customer that shop attracts, I would imagine. Most of the musical instrument vendors I have ever been into have a hard core of 'Keep Music Live' hardliners who I don't imagine would take kindly to having their PROPER SKILLS being boiled down to a bit of button stabbing on a pretend fretboard. Activision, of course, see things differently. "For many years computer games have taken people away from learning a musical instrument," said Active Music’s Les Worsley, "Here is a game that positively encourages it. This is a real opportunity for stores to embrace the platform and bring new customers into their stores." Guitar Hero heading to music stores [Casual Gaming]

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I don't see a problem in this, as long as the music stores sets things apart... you know, so that playtesting don't get in the way of people testing instruments.

In fact, grumpy musicians apart, there's lots to profit from this.

You know, it doesn't matter if a kid's motivation to learn guitar comes from a band or a game.

And that kid who was motivated by the game could just be buying his first guitar on that shop.

Also: More open minded musicians are using GH controlers to make music.

And finally, there's tons of good music in GH too. And the stores employees could use a break from badly played versions of "Stairway to Heaven" once in a while. :P