Illustration for article titled Activision To Tempt Actual Guitarists With Guitar Hero World Tour

Activision has announced plans to target real musicians by installing full Guitar Hero World Tour set-ups in music shops. Actually, should that read 'targeting' or 'mildly insulting'? Very much depends on the type of customer that shop attracts, I would imagine. Most of the musical instrument vendors I have ever been into have a hard core of 'Keep Music Live' hardliners who I don't imagine would take kindly to having their PROPER SKILLS being boiled down to a bit of button stabbing on a pretend fretboard. Activision, of course, see things differently. "For many years computer games have taken people away from learning a musical instrument," said Active Music’s Les Worsley, "Here is a game that positively encourages it. This is a real opportunity for stores to embrace the platform and bring new customers into their stores." Guitar Hero heading to music stores [Casual Gaming]

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