Activision Taps Ratner For Star-Studded World Tour Ads

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Thank you , Activision, for distracting Brett Ratner from ruining any more comic book movie franchises, at least for the small amount of time he spends working on the television ads for Guitar Hero World Tour. The new ad campaign is a take on the famous Tom Cruise underwear scene in "Risky Business", only this time featuring stars who aren't nearly as batshit insane. The first spot stars Activision skater Tony Hawk, baseball player Alex Rodriguez, Aquaman's alter ego and part-time seahorse Michael Phelps, and once-accused rapist Kobe Bryant, who also plays basketball. Ah, the stars are shining bright tonight! Hit the jump to see the spot in all its video glory! Activision Publishing Unveils Star-Studded Television Ads Promoting The Highly Anticipated Guitar Hero(R) World Tour Launch SANTA MONICA, CA UNITED STATES Brett Ratner to Direct Series of Celebrities in "Risky Business"-Inspired Spots; First Commercial Features Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Tony Hawk and Michael Phelps SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Activision Publishing, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: ATVI) Guitar Hero(R) is putting famous fans front and center in its television ads for the October 26 release of Guitar Hero(R) World Tour, the latest installment in the #1 best-selling video game franchise of 2007. Paying tribute to the famous lip- and guitar-syncing scene that appeared in the popular film "Risky Business," each ad will highlight different celebrities jamming on instruments from Guitar Hero World Tour to the song "Old Time Rock and Roll," performed by Bob Seger. The first commercial, which debuts today, features Kobe Bryant rocking the mic, Alex Rodriguez and Michael Phelps dancing while ripping it up on the exhilarating new guitars, and Tony Hawk sliding in on a skateboard to play the drums. The new commercials are an extension of the "Risky Business"-inspired Guitar Hero ads starring American Idol season seven-winner David Cook and runner-up David Archuletta that aired during the American Idol season finale on May 21, 2008. Brett Ratner, who directed the American Idol contestants in the earlier Guitar Hero spots, is back on board to inspire others to unleash their inner rock star. The commercials were produced by advertising agency DDB and H.S.I. Productions. "With the first 'Risky Business' ads we wanted to excite fans by combining two pop culture sensations to create something even bigger," said Brett Ratner. "Those commercials were such a hit with Guitar Hero fans we decided to give them the same iconic 'living room rock star' moment they love, but as experienced with the new full band version of the game and with an entirely new cast of characters." "Guitar Hero is loved by people of all ages and it has truly become a part of pop culture," said Robert Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. "To appeal to the multi-generational Guitar Hero fans out there, we tapped a wide range of athletes, actors and supermodels to unleash their inner rock stars and live out their rock and roll fantasies. This is only the first start-studded Guitar Hero World Tour commercial with many more to come." Beginning October 26, a new generation of guitarists, drummers and fearless front men will come together to rock with Guitar Hero World Tour, which transforms music gaming by expanding Guitar Hero's signature guitar gameplay into a cooperative band experience. The game features a slick newly redesigned guitar controller, drum kit controller and a microphone, as well as an innovative Music Studio music creator that lets players compose, record, edit and share their own rock 'n' roll anthems. Additionally, Guitar Hero World Tour offers the most expansive set list and is sure to have something for everyone. Fans of all ages can strum, drum and sing their way through more than 86 master recordings including favorites by Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Van Halen, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Linkin Park, Michael Jackson and more. Guitar Hero World Tour is being developed by Neversoft Entertainment for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system. The Wii version is being developed by Vicarious Visions. The PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system version is being developed by Budcat. The game is rated "T" for Teen by the ESRB. For more information on Guitar Hero World Tour, please visit

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Activision continues to prove they just don't get it.

One of the first things we learned about Rock Band 2 was the full setlist.

That was one of the LAST things we learned with GH.

Hell, this ad features a song that isn't even in the damn game! (Hey, just like that awesome GHIII ad featuring Slash and "Slither"...I'm starting to notice a trend)

Even now, there's so little focus on the actual game. Just name drop after name drop after name drop.