Activision Takes A Crack At Gearbox's Hell's Highway, A "Crappy War Game" [Update]

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Fightin' words. That's what Call of Duty: World At War senior producer Noah Heller had for Treyarch's World War II competition, Brothers In Arms. Asked about Gearbox Software's take on the genre, the newest iteration of which will be Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, Heller said "I watched the trailer and I'm was like 'These guys aren't even in the same league.'" Heller has even more gentlemanly things to say about the Brothers In Arms series.


"We don't even think about them," Heller noted, giving his opinion about the other WWII hold out. "They're not a game we even think about when we're playing, we think about the best shooters, we play [Call of Duty 4] Modern Warfare, we play... Gears of War, we play Halo, you know, that's the competition. We want to look at the games that do great storytelling."

Heller sums up, "We don't want to look at someone who's just making a crappy war game." Guys, guys, take it easy. Can't we all just get along and agree that you can both make crappy war games? There's enough to go around.

Just kidding, Gearbox! How's that new Halo game coming along anyway?

Update: The friendly mudslinging was originally and inaccurately attributed to a Treyarch senior producer, but is actually employed at Activision as senior producer. The headline has been updated!

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Wow, id expect this sort of mouth off AFTER both games were in the shelves. Stll, I have to admit, If I had a running version of the COD4 engine running on my Wii, id fell preety condifent too.

I like Treyarch and I like Gearbox. Both devs go some way back for me. So... lets all act our age, shall we?

PS: People who do shovelware for the Wii DESERVE a good bashing, btw. Not saying it's case from either of these two, but hey, just watch it, were on to you, Ubisoft...