Activision Supports Scottish Weasel Mating

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In a bit of marketing that could theoretically bite someone at Activision in the ass, the company is promoting X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the UK by backing giant weasel mating.


There are two Logan's in Scotland's Edinburgh Zoo today, all thanks to the marketing efforts of Activision. The zoo's only male wolverine, which is a dog-sized member of the weasel family, has been renamed in honor of the release of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game in the UK. A photograph of the two wolverines can be seen here. Notice the similarities. Activision has also sponsored the zoo's wolverine breeding and enclosure programs, ensuring that little Logan never finds himself for want of suitable female companionship.

Why all of this weasel love?

"What better way is there to pay homage to the mighty Wolverine by making sure his real life cousins are cared for during the next year?" asks Activision UK Senior Brand Manager Aruna Sinha. "With wolverines an endangered species, we see Wolverine having a major role in helping people become more aware of these wonderful creatures and ensuring their survival for many years to come."

Wolverines are currently classified as near threatened, which is the far side of endangered, but I suppose they the count as fully endangered in the Edinburgh Zoo if their only male is a comic book geek.



Somebody needs to take that standee and that wolverine and make the most epic photoshop mashup of the week.