Activision’s Making a Walking Dead First-Person Shooter

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Telltale Games appears to have a hit on their hands with an adventure-game take on The Walking Dead. But Activision wants to go in a different, more combat-oriented direction with the just-revealed Walking Dead first-person shooter.


Developed by Terminal Reality, The Walking Dead FPS will focus on controversial white supremacist brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon as they try to survive in the zombie-infested wasteland of Atlanta. Gameplay will be a mix of stealth—where you'll need to avoid the undead enemis' sense of smell, sight and hearing—and shooting, along with the kind of medical supply hoarding and resource management that's been shown. You'll also meet other human characters who can join you on your quest to survive and choices to have others join your party will probably affect the narrative.

This game ties into the continuity of the AMC television series and marks the second major spinoff from Robert Kirkman's long-running series from Image Comics. We'll have more on The Walking Dead FPS as info surfaces.

[IGN via GameRanx]


What a waste of a good license. You fucked up, Kirkman...

Seriously, the way Telltale is doing it is the ONLY way to make The Walking Dead work as a video game. Making it into a generic shooter is almost as dumb an idea as making a fighting game based on Mad Men.