Activision UK has had a smashing idea, cobbling together a half-dozen Wii games that "the whole family can enjoy!" then slapping on the Fun4All label. Sound familiar? The North American Activision recently did the same.

The UK's Fun4All label is, for all intents and purposes, North America's "Wee 1ST" label, a branding scheme that will result in carefully considered shovelware.


The first six games to hit Europe under the Fun4All umbrella will be Pirates: Hunt for Blackbeard's Booty, Monkey Mischief, Block Party, Pitfall: The Big Adventure, World Championships Sports and Little League World Series Baseball. That last one may be Little League World Series 2008, part of the Wee 1ST line. All are Wii exclusives. All ship this week.

Man, is that World Championships Sports box art suspect.

Activision's PR folks say that "Parents can feel reassured that buying a game from the FUN4ALL range will be safe, enjoyable and provide entertainment for children of any age." As long as that age is six or younger.

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