Activision CEO Griffith Resigns From Post

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No, it's not what you think. Robert Kotick, CEO and president of Activision Blizzard, is still head of the world's biggest third-party publisher. But one of his top men, Mike Griffith - CEO & president of Activision publishing - has resigned.

He handed in his notice on April 23, meaning he's no longer CEO or president of the publisher, but will stay on with the company for at least another year (on a contract), serving as a vice-chairman of the board.

No reason has been given for the move.

Mike Griffith resigns from Activision Publishing []

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The Janitor

Why do people wish for the fall of a company that employs so many people and stimulates the economy? Even during financial hard times Activision did well. Don't you understand the numerous lay offs that would coincide with this company's failure, and numerous families that would be affected by it? Why would you wish that upon anyone simply because you don't like the company's product? Wouldn't this hatred be better if it were channeled to the Phillip Morris company or an equally destructive and dangerous corporation? Seriously. Video games are great and all but get your priorities straight.