Activision Boss Was 2008's Equal-Second-Best CEO

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Business types Marketwatch are giving out awards! Important ones! Ones like "Best CEO 2008". Eligible were CEOs from all walks of life. Mining companies, banks, you name it. And who came second? Bobby Freakin' Kotick.


Yes, the Activision boss joins three other runners-up - the big men from Heinz, JP Morgan and Southwest Airlines - and came in behind only Brian Goldner, boss of...Hasbro.

Why Bobby? Marketwatch points out the obvious:

The one-two punch of Activision and Blizzard is expected to generate about $4.7 billion in revenue this year — in excess of 60% above what Activision drew as a stand-alone company in its last fiscal year.


That's why they went Bobby.

Kotick changes the game at Activision Blizzard [Marketwatch] [Image]

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Second best? I guess from a "making money" standpoint, sure. But from an ethics perspective, or from a "making good games" perspective, or from a "furthering the development of the industry as an art form" perspective? HELL no. WORST is more like it.