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Active Duty Marine is Making a Video Game About Zombies

Zombies, man. Everyone loves killing zombies. 22 year-old Marine Sergeant Jacob Way is betting that video game players love killing zombies enough to make room in their libraries for one more zombie-slaying simulator.


Way has put all of his savings (around $40,000) into the development of I Shall Remain, a top-down zombie-murder simulator that looks somewhat in the mode of the PS3 game Dead Nation.

The main character of the game is modeled in part after one of Way's friends, Captain Tyson Ackermann. Another character, C.J. Hodges, is modeled one of Way's marine compatriots who died in 2010.


I Shall remain will be playable on PC and available online through its official site. It will cost less than $10. You can check out a clip of it in action above.

Speaking with Marine Corps Times, Way was philosophical about the game's financial prospects. "If I fail and lose all my money," he said, "I look at my $40,000 as a year in private college." I admire that attitude!

I Shall Remain [Official Site via Marine Corps Times]

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The Logic and Rationale Police

Hmm, I question this investment...

Also, not exactly sure why Dead Nation gets top billing anytime top down zombie shooters come up, but there was another zombie shooter game that came out before and is just as fun, if not moreso, aptly titles, Zombie Shooter.

Buy it on Steam for $5, or buy the sequel, Zombie Shooter 2 for $10.