If you've watched Pokemon: Origins, the TV special that recently aired in Japan earlier this month, you may have noticed two things. One: Origins is a thing that should have lasted more than four episodes. And two: why in the world is Brock, the original rock-type gym leader, so creepy?

The first time we see Brock in the special, he's just...watching, off in the distance, while the protagonist Red and his rival Green bicker. It's really weird. Later, he comes up to Red and offers some advice, and then a short while after that, Red ends up facing Brock at his gym—both pretty normal things that only make Brock's introduction even more bizarre.


Plus, no matter how normal Brock seems from there on out, the internet never forgets. "Brock Is Watching" has become a meme with a Tumblr dedicated to Photoshops of Brock being spooky (though the GIF above was made by Chris). Check 'em out—yes, Brock is in all of these, though he might be hard to spot. Think of it as you would a 'Where's Waldo," only Pokemon-themed.

You could say they've just found another way to make Brock kind of creepy, though—remember how weird he was about women in the normal show?

Thanks, Benjamin Ritter!