Ace Combat Returns To Consoles With Assault Horizon

Namco Bandai takes to the skies on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year with Ace Combat Assault Horizon, a rebirth for the franchise featuring helicopters, turret-gunning, and quick-time events.

Fans hungry for a new console version of Ace Combat since the 2007 release of Ace Combat 6 on the Xbox 360 are on course to be sated next year, though it might taste a little different than they're used to.

This teaser trailer for Ace Combat Assault Horizon from Gamespot shows a massive battle taking place over the skies of Miami, indicating a departure from the fictional country combat we've grown accustomed to over the past few titles in the series. During the battle, prompts appear on-screen, urging the player to press the PS3's triangle button, performing a special maneuver and then ejecting from a damaged vehicle.

Later in the clip we're shown what looks to be helicopter piloting, as well as a segment where the player is firing a mini-gun from inside of a chopper.


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It's an interesting departure, but one that might prove a bit jarring for players who just want to fly jets and shoot missiles.

What do you folks think?

Ace Combat Assault Horizon prepares for takeoff [GameSpot UK - Thanks Maikeru03!]

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Dear Japan,

Please stop trying to make games that appeal to westerners. You've never tried to ride the coat tails of a crappy western designed title before by dumbing down tried and true game play before and you've never turned your back on a hardcore cult following or other niche before so why start now?

Games that appeal to westerners have to suck because western gamers don't like complex or different story lines and are retarded and can't fly worth shit. If you continue to hold their hands like the babies they are every time you make a game that's not a shooter you're left with a game that consists of nothing but "assist mode off" and QTEs. This leads to an over all decrease in the quality of both the game and the gamer as the game is not a bland piece of cardboard and the game in now heavily resistant to new ideas and game play.

Please keep making games that are light hearted and colorful. Please keep having your protagonists go on and on about how they hate war. Please don't be afraid to have your story take please in an alternate dimension or on another world because the story doesn't make scenes based on real world ideas. Please don't be afraid to use a main character who's under 18 and unsure of himself. Please don't make Ace Combat: HAWX.

Your biggest fan,



Please release the newest Tales game state side. Please do it before Mass effect 3.