Todd Miller is one of the men accused of being behind the 2008 PlayStation Network hacks. Last week he was sentenced to 12 months house arrest, but here's the thing: authorities couldn't prove he was involved.

Instead, the Columbus Dispatch reports, the sentence was handed out because Miller, having been interviewed by the FBI in 2011, went and smashed all his computers before they could return with a search warrant.

Because of this, they couldn't prove he was involved in the hacks. So they nailed the 23 year-old with "obstructing a federal investigation" instead.


In addition to the house arrest, Miller - who has a ninth-grade education - was also ordered by the judge to complete a high school certificate.

Which is getting off lightly. He could have faced up to 20 years prison and a $250,000 fine.


Hacking suspect gets year of house arrest [Columbus Dispatch, via Game Politics]

Note: Um, guys, in case it wasn't clear from the CRT monitor and the 90s keyboard, this isn't the smashed computer in question.