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AC/DC Rock Band Is An "Expansion Pack"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

And suddenly, the pieces start coming together. First, we see a single track from AC/DC's famous Castle Donington show turn up in a screenshot. Then we hear that a standalone AC/DC version of Rock Band is in the works. Now we see a Wal-Mart stock listing that says an "expansion pack" for Rock Band 2 is on the way. And that it's AC/DC's Donington Castle show. That takes care of the Castle Donington bit, while being on Wal-Mart's system suggests it's a standalone, disc-based product (Why would Wal-Mart stock DLC?), taking care of the standalone AC/DC bit. Think we're about done here with all this behind the scenes stuff, Harmonix, an official announcement would be great. Thanks! Wal-Mart memo pretty much confirms AC/DC's 'Live at Donnington' for Rock Band [Dtoid]