AC/DC Rock Band Is An "Expansion Pack"

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And suddenly, the pieces start coming together. First, we see a single track from AC/DC's famous Castle Donington show turn up in a screenshot. Then we hear that a standalone AC/DC version of Rock Band is in the works. Now we see a Wal-Mart stock listing that says an "expansion pack" for Rock Band 2 is on the way. And that it's AC/DC's Donington Castle show. That takes care of the Castle Donington bit, while being on Wal-Mart's system suggests it's a standalone, disc-based product (Why would Wal-Mart stock DLC?), taking care of the standalone AC/DC bit. Think we're about done here with all this behind the scenes stuff, Harmonix, an official announcement would be great. Thanks! Wal-Mart memo pretty much confirms AC/DC's 'Live at Donnington' for Rock Band [Dtoid]



Okay, all of you people bitching about Guitar Hero's expansions, look no further. It's not like EA is better than Activision, they're just waiting and see. You're gonna get assloads of expansions too, don't worry.

Even though they're probably a better value on disc versus on DLC, but for some of you, the idea of changing a disc is frightening.

Also, all AC/DC songs are the same.