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Abed Nadir Knows What Time It Is

Illustration for article titled Abed Nadir Knows What Time It Is

Hey there, Kotaku and welcome to Thursday night's open thread. Did you enjoy tonight's Kotaku Melodic? I hope so. I'm having a really good time putting those together each Thursday.


Here, taken from around the internet, are some things you might want to talk about.


And that's that. Have good chatting, and see you tomorrow.

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Hey everyone, Fun and potentially depressing questions, was there any game you were anticipating, like frothing at the mouth for, during your childhood or recently or anything, that utterly let you down? I mean REALLY let you down, as if it was laughing at you for spending your hard earned money on it.

For me, Spyro:Enter the Dragonfly, damn it you do not dangle a PS2 entry of a kid's favorite series of which he has played the second game innumerable times, then release a half assed peice of crap that kills his faith in the franchise!