ABC News Broadens Search For Missing Teen Gamer

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It has been three weeks since 15-year-old Brandon Crisp's parents took away his Xbox 360 and he ran away from home. ABC News has an informative two-page article up about the teen's disappearance, talking to the family about the moments leading up to the disappearance. After being told that he was losing his Xbox 360 permanently Crisp told his parents he was leaving home.

Calling his son's bluff, Crisp said he advised him to take warm clothes when he saw Brandon loading things into a backpack. He then watched as his only son rode away on his bicycle. The family, which includes Brandon's twin sister and older sister, figured he'd blow off some steam with friends and be back that evening.


Crisp was last seen on a heavily traveled trail about 5:45 p.m. on Oct. 10. Microsoft Canada has been cooperating with the investigation trying to ping people who have been in contact with the teen in his favorite game: Call of Duty 4. But with no luck. In fact local police think the 360 is a dead alley. Microsoft has also matched existing rewards for information leading to Brandon's return, bumping it up to $41,776. Family hope that their son broke into a nearby holiday cottage and is holed up there, but they also fear he may have been abducted or fled to the U.S. His home in Barrie is about 2 ½ hours from Buffalo, New York. If you've had any contact with Crisp or know his whereabouts please contact authorities. I can't even imagine what the parents are going through right now. Microsoft Offering Reward for Return of Gaming Addicted Teen [Update]: His body may have been found.

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Sorry, but these parents need to be charged with neglect. Let's be realistic here. Does anyone honestly believe this kid was "addicted" to online gaming because he spent so much time playing Call of Duty? HE'S A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD KID! There are certainly lots of other horrible things he could have been into at that age. Then he threatens to run away and his parents tell him "take a warm jacket" and watch him ride away on your bicycle. How do you think THAT made the kid feel? I feel awful for this poor kid but his parents deserve NONE of that sympathy.