It was already difficult to watch the trailer for the upcoming Need for Speed movie without thinking of its star, Aaron Paul, as his Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman. And now, thanks to this dramatic (and spoiler-filled) mash-up video from Slacktory, it'll be even more difficult.


And while I'm not entirely serious with that headline... actually, I'd be much more convinced by and interested in Need for Speed if it had a fraction of the great acting Slacktory lifted from Breaking Bad for this mash-up. If and when I see this movie, I think I am going to try to picture it as some weird alternate-universe postscript to Breaking Bad. It's gotta be more interesting than thinking of it as a movie tie-in to a video game series that's generally been at its best when it features zero human characters.

It's also funny because the movie is called Need for Speed. Get it? Because, like, speed and meth? They've got the same… ah, I see, you get it.


(Via N'Gai Croal)

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