A Wild Theory About Dragon Age's Most Surprising Character

Without spoiling anything, not everyone in Dragon Age: Inquisition is who they seem. And if you delve into the game's lore, things can get very, very interesting.

Warning: if you haven't beaten Dragon Age Inquisition, don't read this post or watch the video!

Those of you that have beat the game know that Solas is actually an ancient elven god. That much, everyone seems certain of, and we break down the reasons why in this post. But what if Solas has had more of an influence in the world of Dragon Age than we think?


Finding a way to separate Thedas from the Fade, as Solas is famed for doing, is already pretty huge. But Geek Remix makes a convincing, yet outlandish case for why it's possible that Solas is another key figure from Dragon Age lore.

Andraste, Dragon Age's Jesus figure, had a friend named Shartan. Shartan was the leader of the elven slaves, who joined against Andraste's rebellion against Tevinter. Shartan was a bald elf that looks a hell of a lot like Solas, and there are in-game clues that make them seem like the same person, too. Most notably, both characters can be connected to orbs...though, it's just as possible that what Shartan is carrying in is the Urn of Sacred Ashes. Who knows! What I can say is that I love this theory, and it would make Solas even more interesting than he already is.

Fan Theory: The Many Names of Solas [Dragon Age Inquisition] [Geek Remix]

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