It's the veritable motherlode of humorous pop culture-themed Zelda shirts.

The guy behind all the art is New Jersey-based illustrator Blair J. Campbell. He came up with something called "Octoroktober," challenging himself to do one Legend of Zelda-inspired shirt design on each day in the month of October. The results are pretty awesome. Like the three designs in the top pic, which I really liked:

There's also this riff on Dawn of the Dead:

Zelda as Ziggy Stardust:

A Zelda version of Three Wolf Moon:

A variation on the famous "We Can Do It!" WWII propaganda poster:

Tingle Pringles:

And Ganon as Porky Pig:

Make sure to check out the rest of Campbell's work at his TeePublic shop, and all 31 Zelda designs in the embedded imgur album below.

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Octoroktober - 31 shirt designs for each day of this past October. [r/zelda]

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